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Eleventh Sun – Armoury – Free Download

Cool fan video

Download this track free: http://bit.ly/1BamUn7


Darkness Hides 8 – The Light Shall Fall

D.H.8 – The Light Shall Fall
Direct Download: http://bit.ly/KaqueN
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1crIcoc

-As He Is
-In Your Spine (Produced by MW) Vocals by machinefiend
-Mainstream Whore
-Rin Tin Tin
-Black Dust
-Alley Way (Produced by Soularize)
-Nowhere You Can Hide
-Happy Times
-Nightmare Creature

All tracks produced by the Eleventh Sun except for Alley Way by Soularize. In Your Spine produced my Machinefiend & Eleventh Sun.
Darkness Hides © 2013/2014

Eleventh Sun – Nowhere You Can Hide [MINI MIX]

Eleventh Sun - Nowhere you Can hide mini mix

Nowhere You Can Hide – Mini Mix

Track List: (Eleventh Sun)
1. I Am
2. Nowhere you can hide
3. Mainstream Whore
4. F@ucking PCP
5. WTF to call this track??



Beatport: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/eleventh-sun/id300609885
iTunes: http://www.beatport.com/artist/eleventh-sun/111452

  2012 is alm…



2012 is almost here and we are exited to bring you H-Gate EP! Deep minimal and dark signal will put you into an epic coma, never to return again. 

Take a deep breath and press play!

Eleventh Sun Phoenix Music Video

Happy Friday!

We posted a new music video with track Phoenix, forthcoming on ALTOSYNC Music.

Check it out here , and help spread the word


The Eleventh Sun
Artist: http://www.eleventhsun.com​/
Label: http://www.altosync.com/
Promoter: http://www.konamicrew.com/
Camera: http://nkstudio.net/


Another one from Angels & Filth

Another one from Angels & Filth, Eleventh Sun – God Is Laughing at You track mixed with New Order “Blue Monday”

This is available as a free download,


Check out the original track ” Blue Monday


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Free Tune! – Pulse – Download Now!

Yes yes, we wanted to bring back from the dead one of our first releases with Close 2 Death recordings, “Kill Them EP” and give away track “Pulse”

The Kill Them EP is a tour de force through their hard edged techno fused neuro sound. From pounding Nu-skool breaks to rolling minimalist drops this EP. 

Download Pulse here its Free!

If you wish to purchase the rest of the tunes from this EP

Download them from Beatport



Darkness Hides V

Darkness Hides V is here and ready to take you on the next journey! In this episode you will find your self exploring multiple dimensions of eleventh sun, they will take you on rollercoaster ride through hell & back. We advice you to Fasten Your Seatbelts!

I – Drew First Blood (Featuring Machine Fiend) (ALTOSYNC)
II – Enter
III – Repent
IV – Lord Of Destruction
V – Inferno
VI – Quarantine VIP (Cyber Crunk Records)
VII – Fade To Black
VIII – Eyes Wide Open
IX – Watching You
X – Left Alone
XI – Computer Dead (Featuring Machine Fiend)


Adapt Or Die Ep Is Out


Close 2 Death Recordings Present

Adapt Or Die EP

Hailing from Canada their second outing on the C2D digital exclusive imprint is a solo affair jam packed with claustrophobic atmospheres and deep, dark techy goodness.

Having begun making an impact on the scene since their first release on C2D last year with releases on various neuro tech imprints these guys are a fast becoming a force to be reckoned with when it comes to minimalistic tech DNB. The Adapt Or Die EP is the climax of some of their best work to date..each track giving off a tense vibe intertwined with rolling beats, searing synth stabs and cavernous atmospherics…this is pure brain funk!

EP Download 5 tracks

Available Exclusively on Beatport

Buy Now

Catalog#: C2DMP316

Released: 3/22/2010


Exclusive Mix for Mindtech Recordings


Add to iTunes


01. Eleventh Sun – Death Shall Have No Dominion (ALTOSYNC)
02. Paperclip – Optimus Prime (Mindtech DUB)
03. Eleventh Sun – Unikorn (Melting Pot)
04. Jade – Shift (Close 2 Death)
05. Ble3k and Mtelzn – Extension (Mindtech DUB)
06. Hightech and Nickbee – Crush (Close 2 Death)
07. The Chiller – Neuro Locust (Mindtech DUB)
08. Eleventh Sun – Hell Gate (ALTOSYNC) (forthcoming)
09. Morebeat – Butterfly In Hell (Citrus)
10. Future Signal and Semantics – Juggernaut (Mindtech DUB)
11. Eleventh Sun – So Blind (Melting Pot)
12. Cern – Satellites (Smptm)
13. Krot – Sorting Method (Mindtech)
14. Eleventh Sun – Silent Extent (Post Conflict remix) (C2D DUB)
15. Nerologik – Illusion (Mindtech DUB)
16. Eleventh Sun – Disorder (Close 2 Death)
17. Mefjus & Bowser – Black Cat Serenade (Mindtech)
18. Eleventh Sun – Sheep Killer (Cyber Crunk)
19. Consequence – Lost Attack (DUB)

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