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Eleventh Sun – Sorrow Of The Immortal (mini mix)

Eleventh Sun - Sorrow Of the Immortal  .jpg


1. Sorrow of the Immortal
2. Omnius Creek
3. Reaper Of Souls
4. Rin Tin Tin
5. Take You
6. Federal
7. M.D.O.
8. Black Dust

Download on : http://bit.ly/1SPRe5i

Produced by Eleventh Sun
Released by Dark Bass Records


Eleventh Sun – M.D.O.

Out Now!

Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1nZJleF
iTunes: http://bit.ly/1hpLvBs
Google: http://bit.ly/1mZQfLN

Alone In Mind EP

DH004-Eleventh Sun-Alone In Mind EP-Cover (600p)

Solitude EP – Coming Soon !

Coming Soon, September 15, 2011
Track A – ‘Solitude’ – Dedicated to those who are truly solitary or enter into solitude from time to time. Sometimes when your in solitude there is a point of no return; This point has to be reached.

Track B – ‘Phoenix’ – Nostalgic track about a bird who sings a beautiful song and carries human prayers on its wings to heaven. When the Pheonix dies, it dies in fire and from this fire, a new Pheonix rises from the ashes.

God Is Laughing At You – OUT NOW

LP Download 6 tracks

Buy God Is Laughing At You LP (Out Now)

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Download God Is Laughing At You-Poem (In Spanish)


Released: 7/11/2010

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