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Eleventh Sun – Federal


Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1mYLrEw
iTunes: http://bit.ly/1hpLvBs
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1mZQfLN
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1xoUveQ
Distributed by Darkness Hides Media
Artist: Eleventh Sun
Vocals: Mikey Knowgood
Title: Federal
Release: M.D.O.
Produced by Eleventh Sun
Label: Darkness Hides
Release Date: 06.06.2014
Style: Drum & Bass – Neurofunk


Some King Od Psycho & PCP Free Download




Now they have come to join the Nocid Business list with three entrancing tracks of pure Neurofunk nastiness.

Lighting the path is ‘Some Kind Of Psycho’ which infuses a death metal mentality with a technical, bass driven beat filled to the brim with intrigue. Are you crazy enough to ride along?


PCP’ maintains a dastardly, heavy metal tone found on the A-side track, but this time around it is sourced from a twangy lead incredibly reminiscent of distorted electric strings. In conjunction with equally sinister voice samples, this intoxicating piece is on hell-of-a trip!


We know you are still be begging for more, so Eleventh Sun and Nocid Business Recordings have dedicated a powerful bonus tune to satisfy all of those lingering desires. Time is precious, but we know you will enjoy the ‘Message’.



Nocid Business

Eleventh Sun

– See more at: http://www.diggyland.fr/eleventh-sun-kind-psycho-pcp-nocid-business-rec/#sthash.F8JmE4GF.dpuf

Eleventh Sun – Forthcoming Release “C.G.I”

DH005-Eleventh Sun- Cover-CGI

Eleventh Sun – C.G.I

Out end of this month (28.03.13)

Come check out what we putting in stores for you this month. Darky dancy experimental glichy neuro.  Check it!


Hardcore Shoguns

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New sample is posted called -Mortal-

Happy Friday!

New sample is posted called -Mortal- it’s a hard, deep neuro track check it out! This track will be available on the upcoming release with Melting Pot Records. More info on this will be posted shortly.

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More stuff is rushing your way!

Have a great weekend,


Eleventh Sun


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