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Eleventh Sun – Sorrow Of The Immortal (mini mix)

Eleventh Sun - Sorrow Of the Immortal  .jpg


1. Sorrow of the Immortal
2. Omnius Creek
3. Reaper Of Souls
4. Rin Tin Tin
5. Take You
6. Federal
7. M.D.O.
8. Black Dust

Download on : http://bit.ly/1SPRe5i

Produced by Eleventh Sun
Released by Dark Bass Records


Eleventh Sun – Armoury – Free Download

Cool fan video

Download this track free: http://bit.ly/1BamUn7

Eleventh Sun – And The Heavens Shall Tremble – (Free Single)

New free single “And The Heavens Shall Tremble”

Download free mp3: http://bit.ly/1ESlZxX
Download wallpaper: http://bit.ly/1EsPUvX

Eleventh Sun – Nowhere You Can Hide [MINI MIX]

Eleventh Sun - Nowhere you Can hide mini mix

Nowhere You Can Hide – Mini Mix

Track List: (Eleventh Sun)
1. I Am
2. Nowhere you can hide
3. Mainstream Whore
4. F@ucking PCP
5. WTF to call this track??



Beatport: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/eleventh-sun/id300609885
iTunes: http://www.beatport.com/artist/eleventh-sun/111452

Mainstream Whore Mix

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: official.fm/tracks/9DOZ

We are happy to bring you a brand new mix from us this one entitled “Mainstream Whore!” . A dirty neuro blast of dark underground audio with brand new tracks never before heard. Get ready for the opposite of so-called mainstream music! Sponsored by our friends at DnbCentrala.com coming from all the way in Serbia –>goo.gl/1NsHX

Website: www.dnbcentrala.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dnbcentrala


1. Eleventh Sun – Mainstream Whore
2. Eleventh Sun – Some Kind Of A Psycho
3. Optiv & Btk – Whatever (Mefjus Remix)
4. Billain – Fiber Twist
5. Sylvain Becour – Ryuku
6. Mefjus & L33 – Inclination
7. Future Signal – Fortress
8. Maztek – Up & Down
9. Eleventh Sun – Freak
10. L33 – Sybaritic
11. Mizo – Abyss
12. Disturbia – Dark Matter (Mono.Mental Remix)
13. RE SET – Untitled Storm
14. L33 – Divine
15. Minor Rain – Splitter
16. Seedz – Octane
17. Eleventh Sun – Epitaph



We want to welcome you to DH7- “The New Beginning”!

For this episode we agreed to try something completely different to give us a little break from the usual. In previous episodes you probably noticed a bit of half step neuro movements. Well for this one we are not just only playing with half step but also pushing some trip hop, rock and well everything that sounded good together. Trying not to think of genres but instead just having fun with dark music and epic atmospheres. We suspect that you will love it! This is going to be an interesting & experimental piece so forget everything you know and let the music do its magic.



All tracks produced by the Eleventh Sun
© 2012


Solitude EP – Coming Soon !

Coming Soon, September 15, 2011
Track A – ‘Solitude’ – Dedicated to those who are truly solitary or enter into solitude from time to time. Sometimes when your in solitude there is a point of no return; This point has to be reached.

Track B – ‘Phoenix’ – Nostalgic track about a bird who sings a beautiful song and carries human prayers on its wings to heaven. When the Pheonix dies, it dies in fire and from this fire, a new Pheonix rises from the ashes.

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