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Eleventh Sun – Strah

Eleventh Sun - Strah - Cover



Did I lose myself somewhere, did I drop my soul in the bonfires of hell, did I give in to these demons that were scratching on the surface.

I know I fought, I know I prayed, I remember praying, I remember being in the presence of angels who were to protect me, but the demons that wanted my soul were of the purest evil, as dark as the charcoal stain your white garment. Drinking holy water to quench their thirst and using the cross to scratch their backs

Evil that brought fear to the eyes of angels, a kind of evil that made the halos shine a little less, angels and demons in a tug of war for my soul, I felt like I didn’t belong to myself.

I thought I was dying but death is not so daunting when your soul doesn’t belong to you anymore, knives are not so sharp, razors don’t cut too deep and the rope around my neck isn’t so tight.

Written by Billy Paige


Eleventh Sun – Armoury – Free Download

Cool fan video

Download this track free:

Eleventh Sun – And The Heavens Shall Tremble – (Free Single)

New free single “And The Heavens Shall Tremble”

Download free mp3:
Download wallpaper:

Eleventh Sun – M.D.O.

Out Now!


Merry Christmas from Eleventh Sun (Boris & Jacob)

Merry Christmas from Eleventh Sun (Boris & Jacob)

Darksider EP


  2012 is alm…



2012 is almost here and we are exited to bring you H-Gate EP! Deep minimal and dark signal will put you into an epic coma, never to return again. 

Take a deep breath and press play!

Solitude EP – Coming Soon !

Coming Soon, September 15, 2011
Track A – ‘Solitude’ – Dedicated to those who are truly solitary or enter into solitude from time to time. Sometimes when your in solitude there is a point of no return; This point has to be reached.

Track B – ‘Phoenix’ – Nostalgic track about a bird who sings a beautiful song and carries human prayers on its wings to heaven. When the Pheonix dies, it dies in fire and from this fire, a new Pheonix rises from the ashes.

Eleventh Sun – Darkness Hides VI – Studio Mix 6 is Out!

Darkness Hides is returning to take you further into the deep dark side of drum and bass. This time you will be thrown into the epic roller-coaster though time and space. In the mist of darkness there is a light in the end of the tunnel but where it may lead only prevails if one dares to enter.

1. Alan Parson – Destiny
2. Eleventh Sun – Comp Dead (feat. Machinefiend)
3. Eleventh Sun – Darksiders
4. Bassrk – Mephisto
5. Eleventh Sun – Codex Gigas
6. Exorcist – Control
7. Eleventh Sun – Repent
8. Para – Breathless
9. Eleventh Sun – Solitude
10. Mizo – Enemy Ship
11. Eleventh Sun – Phoenix
12. Billain – Glome
13. Eleventh Sun – The Underground
14. Eleventh Sun – Darkness Gonna Save Me


Eleventh Sun Phoenix Music Video

Happy Friday!

We posted a new music video with track Phoenix, forthcoming on ALTOSYNC Music.

Check it out here , and help spread the word


The Eleventh Sun


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