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Eleventh Sun – M.D.O. (Album) Free Download for 2 Week

A little appreciation for supporting the eleventh sun project over the years. We wanted to give out our most recent release. All we ask is you share this!


Big Cheers!


Darkness Hides 8 – The Light Shall Fall

D.H.8 – The Light Shall Fall
Direct Download:

-As He Is
-In Your Spine (Produced by MW) Vocals by machinefiend
-Mainstream Whore
-Rin Tin Tin
-Black Dust
-Alley Way (Produced by Soularize)
-Nowhere You Can Hide
-Happy Times
-Nightmare Creature

All tracks produced by the Eleventh Sun except for Alley Way by Soularize. In Your Spine produced my Machinefiend & Eleventh Sun.
Darkness Hides © 2013/2014

Some King Od Psycho & PCP Free Download




Now they have come to join the Nocid Business list with three entrancing tracks of pure Neurofunk nastiness.

Lighting the path is ‘Some Kind Of Psycho’ which infuses a death metal mentality with a technical, bass driven beat filled to the brim with intrigue. Are you crazy enough to ride along?


PCP’ maintains a dastardly, heavy metal tone found on the A-side track, but this time around it is sourced from a twangy lead incredibly reminiscent of distorted electric strings. In conjunction with equally sinister voice samples, this intoxicating piece is on hell-of-a trip!


We know you are still be begging for more, so Eleventh Sun and Nocid Business Recordings have dedicated a powerful bonus tune to satisfy all of those lingering desires. Time is precious, but we know you will enjoy the ‘Message’.



Nocid Business

Eleventh Sun

– See more at:

Drum & Bass Horror Story

Eleventh Sun Drum & Bass Horror Story

Eleventh Sun- Reptile – Friday 13th free tune!

Happy Friday the 13th – Download A Free Tune For Your Evil Weekend! & Share the evil! CHEERS!!


Eleventh Sun – Nowhere You Can Hide [MINI MIX]

Eleventh Sun - Nowhere you Can hide mini mix

Nowhere You Can Hide – Mini Mix

Track List: (Eleventh Sun)
1. I Am
2. Nowhere you can hide
3. Mainstream Whore
4. F@ucking PCP
5. WTF to call this track??


Mainstream Whore Mix


We are happy to bring you a brand new mix from us this one entitled “Mainstream Whore!” . A dirty neuro blast of dark underground audio with brand new tracks never before heard. Get ready for the opposite of so-called mainstream music! Sponsored by our friends at coming from all the way in Serbia –>



1. Eleventh Sun – Mainstream Whore
2. Eleventh Sun – Some Kind Of A Psycho
3. Optiv & Btk – Whatever (Mefjus Remix)
4. Billain – Fiber Twist
5. Sylvain Becour – Ryuku
6. Mefjus & L33 – Inclination
7. Future Signal – Fortress
8. Maztek – Up & Down
9. Eleventh Sun – Freak
10. L33 – Sybaritic
11. Mizo – Abyss
12. Disturbia – Dark Matter (Mono.Mental Remix)
13. RE SET – Untitled Storm
14. L33 – Divine
15. Minor Rain – Splitter
16. Seedz – Octane
17. Eleventh Sun – Epitaph



Neurospecies – First Invasion (No Music Mix)

eleventh sun neurofunk neurospecies


Our next mix brought to you by our friends Neurofunkland. This is going to be featured as their first mix series “Neurospecies-First Invasion”. Also we dedicate this mix to promoting our forthcoming release “No Music” on Darkness Hides.

Track List:
Eleventh Sun – No Music (Darkness Hides)
Mizo – Sky Fall (Deep Beatz)
Horibil – Viaduct (Cyberkrunk)
Crunky & Sinecore – Indigo (Cybercrunk)
hyqxyz – slipstream (CYbercrunk)
hyqxyz – aftermath
Glyph & Nvade – T.H.C
Eleventh Sun – Im Not Even Real, Im CGI (Darkness Hides)
Lockjaw & Aldo – Absent
A.P.Bolan – Roadkill_ft._Brosen (Cybercrunk)
Horibil – Neuria
Eleventh Sun – Tick Tock (Darkness Hides)

Download it here

Neurospceis Links:

Eleventh Sun Links:


Gate Opens @ 11.11.11 – Download Album Free

Another one from Angels & Filth

Another one from Angels & Filth, Eleventh Sun – God Is Laughing at You track mixed with New Order “Blue Monday”

This is available as a free download,

Check out the original track ” Blue Monday

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