You can hear it can’t you? Clean dark medieval sound that once was lost and is coming back in the souls and expression of the Eleventh Sun. You can feel it can’t you; ripping inside of you telling you that you need more of this shaded signal. You can see it can’t you? The darkness shows you the truth; that the light hides when darkness comes; telling you that there will be more to come, more to hear, more to see.

What Darkness Hides:

The Eleventh Sun, hailing out of Toronto, have been quietly setting the Neurofunk world on fire. From pounding Nu-skool breaks to rolling minimalist drops, combined with pure dance floor energy driven by dirty basslines and crisp cutting beats.

Make no mistake the sound of the future is here!

With releases on Close 2 Death (Kill Them EP – UK), Melting Pot (So Blind EP – Spain / France) and their very own ALTOSYNC (Everybody Bleeds The Same EP – Canada) label, as well as playing shows in Mexico city and a UK tour in the coming year, The Eleventh Sun is fast becoming a force of Drum N Bass.

Eleveth Sun - Epic

Interview with dubcomm on Knowledge:

Eleventh Sun

A big splash of fresh & exciting neurofunk drum & bass is making big news all over the world, and we’re fortunate enough to have them in our own backyard. The Eleventh Sun project, comprised of two Toronto brothers; Boris & Jacob, sat down with us to spread a little knowledge.


Eleventh Sun (Boris & Jacob Segal)


Close 2 Death Recordings, Cyber Crunk, Melting Pot Records, Mindtech Records, and our own project ‘ALTOSYNC’



What brought you to making drum & bass?
Really all our lives we’ve been making music of different genres and names. Actually before  getting into electronic music production, we were playing in bands. Boris was in a rock band and I was studying classical guitar and playing jazz on the side.

Describe your music, does it fit within conventional genres?

It is very difficult to classify our sound under one genre as we try to bring elements from multiple genres like, rock, classical, and anything that sounds good.

What music do you listen to outside of D&B?
We pretty much like everything, it usually just depends on our moods. We are not afraid to listen to simple, or very complex music. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good stuff out there, but we hear a lot of drum & bass that doesn’t really have a melody going on… We find that’s what is missing the most for us. We follow our melodic instinct. We are very versatile as music listeners.

What kind of rig are you running?
We like our sound to feel alive and breathing so we like to use a lot of analogue gear. In the most basic form we usually start with our Virus TI synth and then typically run it through the Universal Audio 1176 compressor to get that fat pumping response. We also like to dump our mixes and instruments to tape to squash of some of that annoying digital distortion. For some reason it just feels more human when running stuff to tape and through analog circuits. We also like to use real instruments like live drums & guitars, a good example would be our tune called Death Shall Have no Dominion coming out December 2009.

How much time do you spend in the studio?

As much time as we can! If it were up to us, we’d be in it 24/7 with a bottle of rum.

What is your approach to DJing & live performances?
We like to keep the set dark, dramatic and epic in a sort of sense. Kind of like extended the music we make.

First ‘big’ break in Canada? Elsewhere?
Aaron Adair from Plymouth, UK ran a label called Digital Shout back in the day and he really helped expose the Eleventh Sun project. He showed us much support and became a good friend of ours. We also befriended a DnB artist called Billain who forwarded us to another UK label, Close 2 Death Recordings, which really helped us get our foot in the door. We were also approached by a label from Spain called Melting Pot Records who’ve become good friends of ours. All these guys are like a family to us now.

Locally we’ve had good amount of help from Sike_1. He was probably the first to discover us here in Toronto and has connected us with the Ritual events crew. As far as live performances go, the biggest crowd we’ve seen was in Mexico City. It was held by the Mexican DnB heads Konami Crew. We’ve probably missed some really good people that helped us along the way but we appreciate them all the same!

Side projects we should look out for?
We constantly work on ‘studio episodes’ with a lot of exclusive material, that we release every on a monthly basis. In these mixes we try to incorporate the darker side of DnB. Check one out at our website under “darkness hides“.

Give us a top 5

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  2. Chuck Norris has two speeds: walk and kill.
  3. Time waits for no man, unless that man is Chuck Norris.
  4. Chuck Norris does not own a house. He walks into random houses and people move.
  5. Chuck Norris is suing MySpace for using the name of what he calls everything around you.

How do you feel about Canada’s drum & bass scene currently?
I think Canadian crews are working really hard to push the DnB sound. It might not be as big here, but we have some good players that know what they’re doing.


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