Eleventh Sun-UNIkorn & Strago-Ghost Militia

A/Strago-Ghost Militia
Unnerving atmospherics crawl into your mind whilst hypnoticbasslines creep under your skin and take control of your limbs…Youare now enslaved to the Ghost Miltia.
AA/ Eleventh Sun-Unikorn
A stirring journey that treads the line between lush melancholic synthwork & cold sci-fi ambiances…A truly masterful piece of


Available on 12” Vinyl



UNIkorn & Strago-Ghost Militia

released 18 December 2009

About eleventhsun

What Darkness Hides: The Eleventh Sun, hailing out of Toronto, have been quietly setting the Neurofunk world on fire. From pounding Nu-skool breaks to rolling minimalist drops, combined with pure dancefloor energy driven by dirty basslines and crisp cutting beats, these boys have it all. With releases on Close 2 Death (Kill Them EP - UK), Melting Pot (So Blind EP - Spain / France) and their very own ALTOSYNC (Darkness Hides EP - Canada) label, The Eleventh Sun is fast becoming a force in Drum N Bass. View all posts by eleventhsun

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