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BIOTECH (Germany)


0:00:00 Lost Sequence – Full Metal Planet (Flight) (Dub)
0:03:28 Aeph – Dogsick (Proktah rmx) (Fall Out) (Dub)
0:05:18 Biotech – Your Time (Flight)
0:07:08 Proktah & Future Signal – Antidote (Dub)
0:09:19 Phace & Misanthrop – Hyzer (Subtitles)
0:11:53 Vicious Circle – Bleak (DSCI4)
0:13:42 Noisia – Bells Of (Metalheads)
0:15:54 Survival & Bulletproof (feat. Impact) – Black Rose (Audio Tactics)
0:18:50 Biotech – Focus (Melting Pot) (Dub)
0:21:24 N.Phect – Encryption (Flight)
0:23:35 Phace – Astral Projection (Neosignal)
0:25:25 Biotech – Chopstick (Dub)
0:29:05 Eleventh Sun – Join Me (Melting Pot)
0:31:38 Hadouken – M.A.D. (Phace rmx) (Surface Noise)
0:36:04 Break – Is This What You Want (VIP Mix) (Symmetry)
0:39:38 Misha – Deserts Of Time (Trust In Music)
0:42:11 Bulletproof & Teknik (feat. Nymfo) – 3 Of A Kind (Cyanide)
0:44:01 Survival & Alix Perez – Storm Chaser (Audio Tactics)
0:46:35 Biotech – Muad‘dib (Dub)
0:49:30 The Green Man – Berlin (Phace rmx) (Basswerk)
0:51:42 Spectra Soul – Taken (Critical)
0:53:53 Phace & Noisia – Sore Point (Neosignal)
0:56:27 Biotech – Unwell (Melting Pot) (Dub)
1:00:29 Fortress – Lurkers (Symptom)
1:02:18 Cern – Godsong (Deep Soul Music)
1:04:08 Noisia – Crank (Vision)
1:06:19 N.Phect – Lush Life (Syndrome)
1:09:26 Biotech – Mindlock (Flight)
1:12:00 Malsum & Krone – Spiritcatcher (Cyclone) (Dub)
1:15:20 Phace & Misanthrop (feat. Bulletproof, Cern) – Vulcanic (Cyanide)
1:18:13 Decree – Baboon (Biotech rmx) (Dub)
1:21:19 Proktah – Saccharine (Misanthrop rmx) (Flight) (Dub)
1:23:09 T-Tech – Behind The Hill (Trust In Music)



Melting Pot Crew (Spain / France)



Track List:


About eleventhsun

What Darkness Hides: The Eleventh Sun, hailing out of Toronto, have been quietly setting the Neurofunk world on fire. From pounding Nu-skool breaks to rolling minimalist drops, combined with pure dancefloor energy driven by dirty basslines and crisp cutting beats, these boys have it all. With releases on Close 2 Death (Kill Them EP - UK), Melting Pot (So Blind EP - Spain / France) and their very own ALTOSYNC (Darkness Hides EP - Canada) label, The Eleventh Sun is fast becoming a force in Drum N Bass. View all posts by eleventhsun

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